How Eyelid Surgery could Leave You Looking Better than Ever

Eyelid surgery is potentially one of the most popular and common forms of cosmetic surgery available on the aesthetic treatment market today. Perhaps the main reason for this is that the eyes are so essential when it comes to maintaining a youthful appearance. As we begin to grow older, the skin around our eyes, and indeed across our faces begins to lose its natural elasticity and collagen, causing loose skin to start gathering upon the upper eyelids, and deepening the creases on our lower eyelids so that we appear to be constantly struggling with bags beneath our eyes.

As this sagging skin begins to grow more prominent beneath our eyes, we begin to look more exhausted, tired, and worn, regardless of how we might feel, and the more worn we look, the older we tend to appear. Luckily, expert plastic surgeons such as Dr. Myint exist to help us remove the problem by skillfully treating the affected areas with blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid reduction surgery, helps to provide our eyes with a youthful boost, reducing the appearance of tired eyes and ensuring that we never look older than we really are.

Removing Bags Underneath the Eye

Typically, blepharoplasty carried out on the lower eyelid will be performed with an internal or external incision from a highly skilled facial cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Shoib A. Myint. As perhaps the most expressive and immediately noticeable features on the face, eyes are essential to an individual’s appearance, and eyelid surgery on your lower lids can help to provide you with a more refreshed, youthful appearance, by removing the appearance of permanent bags beneath your eyes which may cause you to seem tired, worn, and aged.

This particular kind of surgery works by targeting the bulging or sagging skin beneath the eyes, helping to tighten the skin and enhance the contours of your eyes for more of a revitalized appearance. Through the use of a fantastic new technique, Myint Facial Cosmetic Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is capable of removing the fat beneath your eye without a knife, meaning that you will need no stitches whatsoever.

blephlowerbefore             blephlowerafter

What You should Expect

Remember that once the treatment has been completed, you should probably expect to see some degree of swelling for a short while. Twenty-four hours after your treatment, you should notice the swelling beginning to subside, along with any slight blurring that may affect your vision. If you have chosen to obviate excess skin and therefore needed to have stitches, these will be removed within around five days, and you may experience some bruising for a period of ten days following.

Dr. Myint finds that most of his patients are able to get back into their regular routine within a week of eyelid surgery, and although it may take up to six months for the scars to diminish in redness, the results of the removed fat will be permanent. If wrinkles do start to appear again, they can also be treated effectively with laser resurfacing.

Make your appointment today with Dr. Myint at 702-207-6468 and regain your youthful appearance.

Acquiring a Better Look at Eyelid Reduction Surgery

It is a well-known saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and often they’re the first feature a person will notice on your face, whether they’re meeting you for the first time, or simply seeing you again after a period of distance. Your eyes can portray your emotions, tell someone whether you are feeling happy or sad, energetic or tired, excited or afraid, and they play a huge role in how youthful and attractive we can appear to each other and the opposite sex.
As we begin to age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, meaning that skin begins to sag and droop. As this happens, loose folds of skin develop over our upper eyelids and the lines beneath her eyes deepen, causing us to look older and more worn out.
Eyelid reduction surgery or ‘blepharoplasty’ from experts such as Dr. Shoib A. Myint can help anyone to look instantly younger, whether you are simply starting to feel the effects of age, or suffer from hereditary factors that contribute to deep lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around your eyes.
Understanding Traditional Eyelid Reduction Surgery
When it comes to eyelid reduction surgery, the experts at Myint Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery have got you covered, with all the skill and experience they need to give you the very best possible experience. When it comes to eye-based cosmetic surgery, Dr. Julie Edween from Beverly Hills, Facial plastic and cosmetic surgery states: “Dr. Myint is the go-to-guy for plastic surgery for your eyes – his superior training and skills will give you your best possible look – I highly recommend him to my patients.”
Traditional eyelid reduction surgery is designed to rejuvenate your appearance, through a small incision into the crease of your eyelid. Once the procedure has healed, there is no visible evidence on your open eye, and the incision that is made along the lower lash line is completely camouflaged by eyelashes.

Be Back to Business within a Week
Typically, the downtime from the procedure is very minimal, although following the surgical treatment you can expect the area surrounding your eyes to remain somewhat swollen. Your stitches will be removed within five days, and while you might notice some bruising, you should be ready to get back to your day-to-day activities within a week. The experts at Myint Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery suggest that it can take up to six months for the scars to lose their redness, but once they have, you can fully enjoy your new, more youthful look for years to come.

Cheek Treatments and Looking Youthful

As improvements in technology and the world of science continue to progress, human beings are starting to live healthier, longer lives that are prompting people to be more eager than ever to look their best for as long as possible. Everyone wants to look as young as, if not younger than, they feel and as a result of this, facelift surgeries such as those performed at Myint facial plastic & cosmetic surgery are increasing in popularity among both men and women alike.
Facelifts work by removing or readjusting excess, wrinkled, and sagging skin around the face and neck. The result of the procedure is often a firmer, more youthful appearance, leaving people feeling as they have rediscovered a new and improved version of themselves. Some of the major areas that are typically addressed within facelift operations include the jowls, the neck, the brow region, and the cheeks.

Cosmetic Cheek Solutions
During the process of aging, our cheeks have a tendency to start drooping and flattening along with the lower eyelids, which can provide us with a worn-out look. Filler injections from talented doctors such as Dr. Shiob Myint are an efficient and effective solution to aging skin. Dr. Myint uses these injections on those looking for a non-intrusive solution to the effects of aging, returning a smoother, more youthful visage to their face.
The procedure can be performed without the use of needles, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that there will be no pain and hardly any bruising or bleeding, allowing you to continue with your daily activities without anyone knowing what you have had done. Although the effects of this cosmetic solution are temporary, they can last for as long as two years at a time.
Surgical Cheek Solutions
If you decide, on the other hand, that you would like to achieve longer lasting results, you may find that a surgical procedure is your best option. The cheek augmentation procedure that Dr. Myint offers is capable of increasing the foundation of your mid-face area by redistributing the cheek tissue evenly.
Proper Preparation
Cheek augmentation has grown to be an effective and popular procedure when it comes to fighting back against the signs of aging, and your free consultation with Dr. Myint will ensure that you go into the procedure feeling relaxed and confident. Before your treatment, you will discuss your expectations of what you hope to get from the surgery, your medical history, and the recovery goals that you are aiming for.

The Shape of a Youthful Face

We all will get wrinkles, creases, frown lines, and droops before it’s all over. Exposure to the sun, the thinning of collagen, the loss of elasticity, gravity, genes and lifestyle all work against a youthful look. Can there be anything worse than having frown lines when you are in a great mood? We tend to look older than we actually feel, but cease your worries. There are plenty of solutions to turn back the clock. One of the most effective is facial contouring.

Facial contouring can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Contouring could include: liposuction on the face, lip augmentation, dermal fillers, face lift, cheek implants and chin implants.

Dr. Shoib Myint, the internationally recognized founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery says that facial contouring takes the entire face into consideration that often necessitates addressing more a single location or procedure. “Contouring really is an artistic endeavor that uses medical cosmetic procedures to create a beautifully proportional face”, says Dr. Myint. “Cosmetic surgeons today have so much more to work with than a knife because of the remarkable products like dermal fillers. Separately or in tandem with surgery they can offer remarkable results.”

Facial contouring surgery is a process of taking, adding, and moving. Bone or soft tissue is reduced where needed and the patient’s own soft tissue is used to fill in other areas. A good example is lower eyelid surgery where the bags under the eyes is used to fill in the sunken hollow of the eyes.

One of the more popular forms of facial contouring are the non-surgical methods using dermal fillers. These fillers add volume in areas instead of surgically removing excess skin or tightening sagging skin. Patients love these fillers because there is no knife and no down time. However, it is not permanent and requires additional treatment every couple of years.

Dr. Myint feels that managing and meeting a patient’s expectations is a significant part of the facial contouring process. “If a patient expresses a definite desire to have a long term solution, then you need to prepare them for a surgical procedure and not try to convince them on something that is non-invasive, says Dr. Myint. “Likewise, if a patient is older they have lost a lot of fat in the face, so a facelift may not be as effective as fillers or fat transfer in addressing the hollow parts of the face.”

If you desire that ageless face, then let Dr Myint provide you with the Facial Contouring that is right for you.

Get an amazing look for yourself with Facial Fillers

Over the last decade facial fillers have been used extensively by medical professionals, and for a very good reason. As we grow old we tend to loose facial volume, which gradually develops into folds and wrinkles. This only contributes to the appearance of aging. Fillers are an ideal treatment for reducing wrinkles and bringing about a youthful appearance.

Facial fillers even out the texture of the skin by filling in furrows and plumping up surface depressions. So, that is what makes them the best choice for softening crow’s feet, smoothing the wrinkles on face and adding volume to lips. It is obvious that fillers have many other applications that reverse the aged hollow look that often occurs to the cheeks and eye sockets.


Progressions in the science of reconstructive and plastic surgery have combined to generate new kinds of fillers for volume loss and wrinkles. These new facial fillers are derived from various sources, with the aim in giving a patient a long-lasting and natural rejuvenation of the face. Most of the facial fillers are based on Hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body and keeps the skin moist. Also, it adds volume to depressed areas of the skin and replenishes the natural moisture that gradually decreases over a period of time.


The use of facial fillers is a medical treatment and should always be used under the direct supervision of a physician. Many cosmetic and plastic surgeons, like Dr. Shoib A. Myint, the internationally recognized founder and medical director of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas, use filler as a non-invasive alternative to surgery for a number of patients. Unlike most Plastic Surgeons, Dr Myint does not use a needle to inject. Patients seek out Dr myint for his expert cannula technique which results in minimal bruising leading to facial harmony and balance. Don’t spend another day looking in the mirror wondering if you will always face another day with an ever-increasing aging appearance. Facial fillers can make looking in the mirror fun again.

Make an appointment today with Dr. Myint to see if facial fillers are right for you.

Keeping an Eye on K-Pop Stars

It is not wrong to say that the Western beauty standard has pervaded all across the international beauty markets. It comes as no surprise that western means beautiful in more places than not. Modern worldwide celebrity crazes have heightened the desire for many people around the globe to strive to attain a Euro/American look. Whether that means eyelid procedures in South Korea, blond hair in Egypt or whitening creams in India, everyone nowadays can achieve their desired look.

Recent research has found that one in five South Korean women had some form of cosmetic surgery done. That is significantly more than the one in twenty women in the United States that go under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Shoib Myint, the internationally recognized founder and medical director of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas has seen a significant upsurge in the number of Asian patients that are seeking double eyelid surgery. “Korean celebrities and K-Pop stars have influenced Asian youth around the world to seek out this eyelid surgery. There is a tendency in Asian culture to be beautiful in order to succeed in the pop industry. They have now defined beauty as a facial image that mimics Western European and American facial and body features. Image and beauty play an important role in the Korean society and it is believed, the prettier you are the more likely you are to succeed in future.”

As the K-Pop phenomenon grows, the plastic surgery industry also expands rapidly to keep up with the demand. Not only are a tremendous amount of young Asian adults spending a fortune on multiple plastic surgeries, they are changing life plans like differing the start of college in order to pay for the surgeries. There is an unusual social acceptance to going under the knife as often and as young as you need. It’s not uncommon for many teenagers to begin planning for plastic surgery at an early age. Many of them have mothers and grandmothers that have done the same so there is also a strong generational acceptance.

Not only do Asian patients pursue the signature double eye lid surgery, they want bigger lips, higher cheeks, button noses, and a more delicate chin. For today’s young patients its all about matching the Caucasian features of their American idols but also their K-Pop stars, who have altered their own looks through plastic surgery.

Dr. Myint is a tremendous resource if you are interested in the double eye lid procedure. You can achieve the look that so many around the world desire. Give him a call for a consultation today.

Dr. Myint’s Specialty is Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

One characteristic of one’s face that can get tired with age is your eyes. Eyes are one of the first things that others notice about your face and you want them to look bright and full of life. They are a vital aspect of your overall appearance and the focal point of your face. People look into your eyes to judge your mood, see if you’re tired or simply to greet you hello and there is nothing that defines aging more than dead eyes. If you’re your eyes need treatment then blepharoplasty is the ultimate option for you. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic plastic surgery that removes muscle from your upper and lower eyelids an eyelid surgical treatment that removes the excess fat with muscle and skin from the upper and lower eyelids as well as excess fat and skin. Usually the surgery is done for cosmetic reasons but it is also a great way to improve the eyesight of people.
Very often the treatment is performed along with other procedures such as forehead lifts, filler injections and laser resurfacing. Blepharoplasty is the treatment in which eyelids of the patient are worked on to reduce the discoloration, wrinkles, droopiness and puffiness. The surgery can also treat a medical condition known as drooping eyelid, which is mainly caused by nerve damage or poor muscle tone.

The best candidate for an eyelid surgery is one whom has realistic expectations and is in good health. If done properly the practice can help build your confidence and augments your look although it may not result in altering your facial structure. Prior to the surgery make sure you think about your goals and discuss them with the highly experienced and proficient Dr. Myint.

For the Blepharoplasty procedure, the incision is made along the crease of the upper eyelid and below the eyelashes in lower eye. The fat is then removed and the muscles are tightened. In the facelift procedure the incision is made at the above the hairline temples. The muscles are trimmed and underlying muscles are tightened. As the incisions in the skin are made along the natural skin lines then the scars are either hidden in the normal creases of the skin or within the hairline. Once the procedure is done the results can be amazing for you. You will see that Blepharoplasty revamps the area around the eyes and make your eyes look younger and more present.

Now you may be wondering, why consider this eyelid surgery? Well, the simple reason is as we age, our skin loses it elasticity and your eyes will look older. Body chemistry and genetic factors become the reason for these aging effects in people. When you are about to choose a surgeon to get the treatment done in Las Vegas, Dr. Myint is the most reliable and trustworthy medical practitioner who knows very well how to give you a younger looking appearance without any pain. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with Dr. Myint today and get ready to feel the difference in the healing process. The positive change awaits you!

Prepping for Surgery Success

Remember Ben Franklin, the guy whose face lights up a hundred dollar bill? He once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Not only is that a great saying to take through life, it’s something to keep in the front of your mind if you are planning on having any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery. Technological advances in cosmetic surgery, and the popularity of so many procedures threaten to belie the fact that surgery is serious business. The positive results from surgery are greatly enhanced by the proper preparation.
Internationally recognized cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint encourages his patients to get as much information from him as possible before surgery. “You should begin at least a month ahead by first making sure that all of your questions about your upcoming procedure are answered. No question is too stupid, says Dr. Myint. ‘Your piece of mind has a significant impact on your physiology. If you are anxious, that affects your immune system. A strong immune system is the key to proper and quick post-surgery healing.
Some of your lifestyle choices come into play in your preparation. If you smoke you need to stop. Smoking adversely affects the blood flow in your body and you need proper blood flow during and after surgery. You should stop consuming alcohol. It suppresses the immune system and increases bleeding which could lead to difficult healing.
There are certain foods that are normally very good for your diet but in the days leading up and after surgery they should be kept at a minimum because they contain salicylates which can cause bruising. Lay off of all berries, almonds, citrus, grapes, peaches, cucumbers, and vinegar.
We live in a pill popping culture so be sure that you consult with your doctor on all of your medications at least two weeks ahead. Here are a few of the medications that you absolutely want to stay away from because they adversely affect coagulation, All Aspirin and Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, and arthritis medication. There are recommended vitamins that you will want to take prior pre and post surgery. They include, any multi vitamin that doesn’t include vitamin E, you need collagen synthesis so take vitamin C, vitamin A for the immune system, and Bromelain to fight swelling. Also, change your diet to avoid breads, starches, and sweets. Eat your veggies and a little protein three times a day.
It’s important to remember the logistics as you get close to your surgery date. Make sure all of your prescriptions are filled and you have purchased the clothing you need to wear while you are healing. Think about a hair style that you may want to cover any surgical effects. If you are going to be sedated, arrange for transportation to and from.
The night before your surgery, no food or liquid if you are going to be sedated. You can wash your hair but don’t use hair products like spray. Wash the areas that are going to be covered by the surgery. On the day of surgery don’t apply lotions or perfume and leave all of your jewelry and valuables at home.
Always consult your doctor for final instructions and let their office know how your preparation is coming along.

Short Scar Facelift – An Ultimate Facial Revamping Technique

Scarring. One of the most frequently heard concerns by those contemplating a facelift. It’s understandable. There are a lot of bad face jobs out there and it’s the tell-tale marks that give them away. One of the marks (no pun intended) of a good facelift is the imperceptible scar. There is no such thing as a scar-less, “miracle lift”. Every true face lift requires getting under the skin, manipulating and securing the underlying tissue, and re-draping the skin over the tissue. I’m sure a hundred years ago that would have been a medical miracle, but today it is common and safe but still requires a skilled surgeon to create a natural result with their work carefully hidden. The most easily hidden scars are those from short-scar face lifts.
A short-scar face lift, or mini face lift, is the most preferred if you are a good candidate for the surgery, and you have a surgeon who is accomplished in this slightly more complicated procedure. Internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, the founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery says that younger patients tend to be better candidates for this. “The short-scar face lift is recommended if the patient does not have a lot of excess skin in the neck and lower face”, says, Dr. Myint. “The older you get the more excess skin you have, so younger patients, as a group, tend to be better candidates”.
A fuller face lift is required if there is more sagging skin and a greater area of underlying tissue that needs attending to. The incision is usually longer and positioned behind the ear. There are exceptions to this based on the anatomy of the patient and the technique being practiced by the doctor. This is all explained in a consultation so there are no surprises. It’s much more difficult to hide the scar from the full face lift surgery since it is placed behind the ear. Women in particular feel a bit more self-conscious about it for cosmetic reasons because it is more difficult to hide with their hair.
There are some significant advantages in recovery time for a short-scar facelift. The surgical time is shorter, the amount of general anesthesia is often less (some patients can tolerate local anesthesia for this), and the incision heals faster because the dissected portion is much smaller.
If you are looking for a subtle, but still substantial change of appearance then the short scar/mini face lift could be a great option.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stick Your Neck Out

Stop using your turtleneck to hide your turkey neck! You can recover that youthful elegant neck with a simple surgical solution, a neck lift. If your swan-like neck from yesteryear has succumbed to the ravages of age and gravity, a neck lift can restore that tight, supple, elegant neck that you want.

Dr. Shoib Myint, the founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery says that patients come to him with three mean concerns about the appearance of their neck. “Most of my patients have fat necks, loose skin, or turkey necks, says Myint. “They each require a separate solution that will easily restore the appearance that they are looking for.”

ImageDr. Myint explains that Platysmaplasty, the technical name for eliminating the turkey neck, or turkey wattle, is done by making small incisions under the chin or behind the ears to access the neck muscle and manipulate it to achieve the desired results. Sometimes this can be done as less invasive endoscopic procedure.

A fat neck can be remedied with liposuction in the same fashion that other fat areas of the anatomy.

Excessive and loose neck skin can be removed through a procedure known as Cervicoplasty. “One of the few downsides to rapid weight loss is loose skin”, says Dr, Myint.”Many patients are committed to a total makeover and lifestyle change. If they have lost a lot of weight it’s very common that they have necks that have thinned out but they have left all the loose skin behind.”

As always, it’s important to consult with a qualified doctor to determine best procedure to get your desired results. This includes determining whether you will need  general or local anesthesia. Recovery time from a neck lift is generally 10-14 days.

Get ready to use your fabulous collection of Hermes, ( or T.J. Max) scarves as a fashion statement instead of a cover-up for your old, tired, neck. Give Dr. Myint a call today to talk to him about achieving a new look in the New Year.