Surgery the fountain

  • Did you know that if you were a candidate and undergoing gastric bypass, you would have increased the length of your telomeres in your genes? What is that you might ask? Telomeres? For those of you who are not privy to this medical jargon, it is the genetic code that keeps your cells young. Well it just so happens that size does matter. The longer your telomeres the longer you might live! Wow! If you think you are a candidate for gastric bypass (you have to fall into a certain category), please consult with your surgeon who specializes in that kind of surgery. Live long and prosper!


Plastic Surgery Myth

Did you know that plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery might not mean the same thing? All Plastic surgeons are cosmetic surgeons in one way or another, but not all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons. While plastic surgeons have specialized training and undergo rigorous exams, cosmetic surgeons could be someone who took a seminar to learn how to do liposuction or eyelid surgery.


It is your responsibility to do your due diligence. If your doctor says he or she is a cosmetic surgeon, make sure he or she is board certified and trained as a plastic surgeon, oculofacial plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, ENT Facial plastic surgeon, Dermatologist or maxillofacial plastic surgeon. You wouldn’t just go buy a nice car without knowing something about it, would you?


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