Short Scar Facelift – An Ultimate Facial Revamping Technique

Scarring. One of the most frequently heard concerns by those contemplating a facelift. It’s understandable. There are a lot of bad face jobs out there and it’s the tell-tale marks that give them away. One of the marks (no pun intended) of a good facelift is the imperceptible scar. There is no such thing as a scar-less, “miracle lift”. Every true face lift requires getting under the skin, manipulating and securing the underlying tissue, and re-draping the skin over the tissue. I’m sure a hundred years ago that would have been a medical miracle, but today it is common and safe but still requires a skilled surgeon to create a natural result with their work carefully hidden. The most easily hidden scars are those from short-scar face lifts.
A short-scar face lift, or mini face lift, is the most preferred if you are a good candidate for the surgery, and you have a surgeon who is accomplished in this slightly more complicated procedure. Internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint, the founder of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery says that younger patients tend to be better candidates for this. “The short-scar face lift is recommended if the patient does not have a lot of excess skin in the neck and lower face”, says, Dr. Myint. “The older you get the more excess skin you have, so younger patients, as a group, tend to be better candidates”.
A fuller face lift is required if there is more sagging skin and a greater area of underlying tissue that needs attending to. The incision is usually longer and positioned behind the ear. There are exceptions to this based on the anatomy of the patient and the technique being practiced by the doctor. This is all explained in a consultation so there are no surprises. It’s much more difficult to hide the scar from the full face lift surgery since it is placed behind the ear. Women in particular feel a bit more self-conscious about it for cosmetic reasons because it is more difficult to hide with their hair.
There are some significant advantages in recovery time for a short-scar facelift. The surgical time is shorter, the amount of general anesthesia is often less (some patients can tolerate local anesthesia for this), and the incision heals faster because the dissected portion is much smaller.
If you are looking for a subtle, but still substantial change of appearance then the short scar/mini face lift could be a great option.


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