Keeping an Eye on K-Pop Stars

It is not wrong to say that the Western beauty standard has pervaded all across the international beauty markets. It comes as no surprise that western means beautiful in more places than not. Modern worldwide celebrity crazes have heightened the desire for many people around the globe to strive to attain a Euro/American look. Whether that means eyelid procedures in South Korea, blond hair in Egypt or whitening creams in India, everyone nowadays can achieve their desired look.

Recent research has found that one in five South Korean women had some form of cosmetic surgery done. That is significantly more than the one in twenty women in the United States that go under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Shoib Myint, the internationally recognized founder and medical director of Myint Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas has seen a significant upsurge in the number of Asian patients that are seeking double eyelid surgery. “Korean celebrities and K-Pop stars have influenced Asian youth around the world to seek out this eyelid surgery. There is a tendency in Asian culture to be beautiful in order to succeed in the pop industry. They have now defined beauty as a facial image that mimics Western European and American facial and body features. Image and beauty play an important role in the Korean society and it is believed, the prettier you are the more likely you are to succeed in future.”

As the K-Pop phenomenon grows, the plastic surgery industry also expands rapidly to keep up with the demand. Not only are a tremendous amount of young Asian adults spending a fortune on multiple plastic surgeries, they are changing life plans like differing the start of college in order to pay for the surgeries. There is an unusual social acceptance to going under the knife as often and as young as you need. It’s not uncommon for many teenagers to begin planning for plastic surgery at an early age. Many of them have mothers and grandmothers that have done the same so there is also a strong generational acceptance.

Not only do Asian patients pursue the signature double eye lid surgery, they want bigger lips, higher cheeks, button noses, and a more delicate chin. For today’s young patients its all about matching the Caucasian features of their American idols but also their K-Pop stars, who have altered their own looks through plastic surgery.

Dr. Myint is a tremendous resource if you are interested in the double eye lid procedure. You can achieve the look that so many around the world desire. Give him a call for a consultation today.